Message from the desk of the Chairman

" Education is an exploration not imposition,
paving way for a warm, natural, well groomed healthy personality
that is constant learning and evolving "

We, at Guru Harkrishan Public School, India Gate, firmly believe that schools are living organizations that influence lives. Thus, every institution needs to build its own ethos and environment which is in perfect alignment with its core values, ethics and principles. Young mind needs to be facilitated and encouraged to explore the unexplored; know the unknown and uncover the hidden. The sole aim of true Education is not merely to learn but to acquire knowledge; not to instruct but to inspire ; not to limit thought but to expand the frontiers of the mind.

At Guru Harkrishan Public School, India Gate we train our students to become true citizens of the world. We constantly nurture them with the food of global thoughts and ignite in them the desire to improve conditions, to overcome tedious situations in this competitive world. Our children’s mind is not restricted to the barriers of any nation, caste or creed.

The highly qualified and competent staff of Guru Harkrishan Public School, India Gate is imparting excellent education based on the values of honesty, integrity, the spirit of humanity and constantly pushing the students to set new goals and achieve greater heights. Our school is playing vital role in adopting an innovative approach to education and accomplishing its aim of producing a modern community of successful citizens.

S. Amarjit Singh Pinky