Our fellow countrymen have suffered a lot due to the devastating floods, especially in Kerala. Following the tenet of Sikh philosophy, "Vand Chhakana", the Staff at Guru Harkrishan Public School, India Gate, expressing its solidarity, decided to render Sukhmani Sahib Paath with a solemn prayer to ease the suffering of all across the world, and thus pay Tribute to our eternal Teacher and Philosopher, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, on this TEACHERS' DAY. The GHPS Fraternity feels proud of our teachers and congratulate them for their pious vision and noble thought!

The school is hosting an Inter GHPS Volleyball Tournament (Sr. Boys) 2018 on 4 Sept., 6 Sept. and 7 Sept 2018. The school Ms. D.K Dhingra, Vice Principal Ms H.K Walia , all participants and Physical Education teachers were present at the opening ceremony. The participants took an oath promising to uphold the spirit of sportsmanship and fair play. The Principal addressed the gathering and emphasized on the importance of games and sports for physical development and declared the Inter GHPS Volleyball Tournament open.
Day 1 Result :

  1. GHPS Nanak Piao defeated GHPS Hargobind Enclave 2 - 0
  2. GHPS Tilak Nagar defeated GHPS Koral Bagh 2 - 1
  3. GHPS Fateh Nagar defeated GHPS Kalkaji 2 - 0

Day 2 ( 6 Sept 2018)

  1. GHPS India Gate defeated GHPS Tilak Nagar 2 - 0
  2. GHPS Vasant Vihar defeated GHPS Loni Road 2 - 1
  3. GHPS Hemkunt Colony defeated GHPS Fateh Nagar 2 - 0
  4. GHPS Nanak Piao defeated GHPS Punjabi Bagh 2 - 1

Day 3 ( 7 Sept 2018)
The Final Match of the Tournment was played between GHPS INdia Gate and GHPS Vasant Vihar . GHPS Vasant Vihar won the match. This was Followed by Prize distribution ceremony.The school Principal Ms D.K. Dhingra congratulated the plays and their coaches. The winning team GHPS Vasant Vihar was presented gold medals and trophy and the runners up GHPS India Gate received silver medals and a trophy.

School participated in the Tree Plantation Drive by Delhi Government on 08.09.18. Students of class VI to VIII, teachers and parents got an opportunity to be a part of historic event in which Delhi Government made an effort to plant five lakh saplings in Delhi. Students of GHPS - India Gate, New Delhi went to the children Park - India Gate to plant trees. They were given an awareness to protect the environment, by planting trees and to save the environment from the hazards of pollution.


Day 1
Awareness about cleanliness & its importance in day to day life was spread among students by putting up charts on the gate and assembly area. A pledge was taken to keep the school and its surroundings neat and clean. They promised to strive to keep their Bharat Swachch.
Day 2
Student were sensitized about the cleanliness and sanitation through speeches. A request was made to the parents to encourage their wards to continue with the cleanliness practices at home also.
Day 3
Various activities were organized to make Swachch Bharat Pakhwada successful. Our students participated in the tree plantation drive. They planted saplings in the school garden and promised to water these saplings daily. They got an opportunity to be a part of this historic event by planting saplings in the Children Park, India Gate. The students of primary segment participated in the ' Reuse of Waste Material 'in the school premises and created wonderful objects from waste material.
Day 4
For students of primary segment, a painting competition was organised. The topic of competition was 'Swachchta hi Seva'. Students from Middle Segment presented an interesting skit to sensitize everyone regarding cleanliness. An essay writing competition was held for Middle and Senior Segment students.
Day 5
Students were given training to wash their hands before and after eating their meals. They were taught the practice of personal hygiene such as cutting nails and hair, taking bath daily.
Day 6
In the morning assembly, students were holding banners and placards to spread awareness about cleanliness among students.
Day 7
An exhibition was put up in which slogan, chart, cartoons depicting importance of cleanliness. Parents also visited the school and appreciated the efforts of students.
Day 8
Children were educated about 'Potable Water' and some common 'Water borne Diseases'. They made beautiful charts explaining water borne diseases, their causative micro organism, mode of transmission and preventive measures.
Day 9
Students were given the information about water harvesting so that whenever there is scarcity of water, that water can be used. A model on 'Rain Water Harvesting' was also prepared by the students.

GHPS, India Gate figures in the Top 100 Schools of Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad as per the Survey conducted by INDRAPRASTHA GAS LTD. (IGL) for Sensitization and Value Based Education provided in the School.

Inter- House Hindi Story Telling Competition (Primary Segment) was organized on 12 Sept. 2018. The winners are

The fifth edition of Principals' Conclave, a one day conference was orgainsed by The Times of India. It was held to explore ways in which heads of educational institutions, policy makers and thought leaders could create a conducive environment for safe and effective teaching and learning. They emphasised on the best practices to re-energize the Indian Education System by creating the right leadership model. The Conclave was attended by the school principal Ms D.K. Dhingra on 20 Sept 2018 held at The Lalit, New Delhi