Cleanliness drive for Swachh Bharat in accordance with cleanliness drive started by our honorable Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, the role of schools has been instrumental in realising the mission of Swachh Bharat as the school plays a vital role in spreading the swachhta awareness and implementation across the country. We observed swachhta pakhwada from 1 Sept to 12 Sept 2019.

Swachhta Shapath Day (3 Sept. 2019) as a part of swachhta pakwada the students took pledge to keep the country clean. Students spoke about the importance of cleanliness in the morning assembly.

Swachhta Awareness Day (3 Sept. 2019) special drive for cleanliness was carried out by extensive cleaning of toilets, classrooms, fans, windows etc. in the school premises.

Community Participation Day (4 Sept to 5 Sept 2019) A school March by the students carrying slogans was organised to sensitize local community members regarding the importance of cleanliness in our life.

Teachers Counseled the students about their behavioural changes regarding keeping surroundings clean and sensitized students about adoption of proper Healthcare practices.

Green School Drive (6 Sept. 2019) a plantation drive was organised in the school. Students planted saplings and small plants in the school premises. Broken furniture and unusable equipments have been removed from the premises of the school.

Separate dust bins are used to put bio degradable and non degradable waste.

Hand wash and personal hygiene day( 9Sept 2019) Regarding the observance of swachhta pakhwada, many inter- house activities like painting competition, essay writing competition ,slogan writing, Poem writing on the theme of swachhta were conducted in classes III to VIII by the school. The school organised Handwash Day in primary segment to sensitise the students about the importance of handwashing. Students were motivated to make hand wash a habit and lead a healthy and better life. Activities were also conducted in the primary segment regarding personal hygiene.

Swachhta Hi Seva and letter Writing Day (10 Sept 2019) Shramdaan by student members of the school, Care About Nation Team (CAN) wherein they under took cleanliness drive in the school premises and nearby areas to keep the surroundings clean. Letter writing day was also observed. Children wrote letters to the authorities and parents regarding what they have learnt in the past few days during the observance of swachhta pakhwada.

Swachhta School Exhibition and Action Day ( 11 Sept 2019) Students made useful items using waste material in their work experience activity and exhibition displaying photographs on swachata activities like painting, slogan writing, essay writing by the students