Message from the desk of the President

" To educate a man in mind and not in morals,
is to add a menace to society "

The one and only answer to all our problems is imparting wholesome ‘Education’ to our students which prepares them for life rather than for profession. In our society which is plagued with anger, hatred, sheer pomposity, superiority, domestic and communal violence, the need of the hour is to globalize wisdom and develop a sense of belongingness. The aim of education is to enable students to exhibit a unique spirit of secular ideologies, stepping forward with courage, confidence and a deep sense of responsibility.

The Guru Harkrishan Public School (New Delhi) Society has a far sighted approach of achieving excellence in education and attaining an overall development, providing leader-centric and skill based technology. I share the philosophy of life that ‘The purpose of Education is to arouse the creative perceptions in a child, to strike a harmonious relationship with society and identify his space in the universe. Education deals with the whole man, his mind, his emotions and his will'. I firmly believe that education is all about free will, development and growth, and not about regimentation, dependency or the accumulation of knowledge.

In today’s dynamic world, our students need to be groomed into global citizens to undertake the manifold challenges at the global arena. They need to be armed with the power of distinguishing between the right and the wrong; with the ability to demarcate knowledge attained and the wisdom gained through Education. The dire need of the present time is to equip them to traverse the unexplored global terrain with ease, strengthened by values, ethics, confidence and above all positivity.

Envisioning the global goal of Education, Guru Harkrishan Public School, India Gate, strives to impart ‘Value Based Education’, maintaining the equilibrium between learning skills and survival skills, by adopting a unique ideology-
‘Impart values; Instil Life’

Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Managment Committee
Guru Harkrishan Public School (New Delhi) Society