The school library boasts of a good and up-to-date stock of over 15,000 text books , reference books, general reading material , magazines and journals to enrich the curious young minds.

B. Science laboratories

Modern , spacious and well-equipped laboratories help in imparting practical knowledge in all branches of science.

C. Math lab

A most modern MATH LAB has been recently set up to serve the needs of students as per the revised NCERT/CBSE curriculum in mathematics thereby helping the students in understanding the complex mathematical concepts with the help of lab equipment , material and demonstration kits.

D.Computer Lab

The present age has rightly been called the Age of Computers. Computer training has not only been incorporated as an essential input in the school curriculum from I onwards, Computer Science and Informatic Practices are also offered to the students as elective Board subjects at senior secondary level. A well equipped Computer- cum-Multimedia Centre

E. Canteen

The school has a well maintained canteen where snacks , cold drinks ( fruit based ) and ice-creams are sold at reasonable rates during the breaks only. Strict control is exercised on the quality of eatables by a duly constituted canteen committee comprising of senior staff members.

F.Uniform shop and book shop

The school has a uniform shop and book shop within the premises of the school for the convenience of parents and students . The prices are fixed by the school authorities.

G.Bank counter

A branch of the Punjab & Sind Bank is situated within the school premises and the parents as well as students have the facility of depositing the fee directly in the bank through the fee booklet.

H. Medical aid

The school has a well equipped medical room with full time Nursing Sister in attendance . A thorough medical check-up of all the students is done once a year and reports are sent to parents for follow up action.