Headmistress Message

The only thing constant in this world is CHANGE. So often heard and repeated!!?? And yet why is it that every time change occurs, we are thrown off-balance. Is it the fear of the unknown? The apprehension that we may not have the capacity to adjust? Introspecting...… and the answer that crops up to my mind is that when we are forced to come out of our comfort zones, we tend to get restless.

I read somewhere and I quote:

“I asked God for strength and he presented me with difficulties and problems in life.” How true!! God does not give what you want but what you NEED. And CHANGE is the NEED of the hour. Look around you …. we need to change the corrupt political scenario of the nation, we need to change our attitude towards the planet, we need to change the methods of parenting.

And keeping in sync with the changing needs of the society, we too at GHPS India Gate, are embracing changes in the curriculum-introducing new patterns of teaching-learning methodology, new ways of evaluation that are not partial to academic brilliance. Rather, they tend to bring to the forefront such talents that are lying dormant within a child craving for recognition. Learning-by-doing is the new mantra.

Therefore, dear friends, let's learn to accept change whole heartedly as it , believe it or not, opens a pandora’s box of opportunities to learn, to grow, to help us shrug off our complacency by presenting challenges we never knew we could endure and to meet new people who can give our dreams wings that allow us to take flight. GHPS India gate - parents and school- pledge to take our beloved institution to greater heights.

Mrs. Gurmeet Kaur Virdi