Projects - International School Award


Our School registered for the prestigious International School Award (ISA) with the aim of providing broader array of cultural representation and introducing an International dimension to our Teaching learning Process. As a part of this project Pulsating Pulses a collaborative activity was taken up by the students of classes VI to VII to mark the International Year of Pulses 2016. The Objective was to encourage students to explore about food security with respect to the use of pulses in India, Australia, Kenya, UK, Sri lanka and generating awareness about their nutritional benefits. One of the activities as a part of this project was EK MUTHI DAAL wherein students of all classes of school showed their enthusiasm by bringing in a fistful of pulse of their choice. The pulses thus collected were packaged by the children and distributed among the support/ ancillary staff of the school on 2 Aug 2016 in the school premises.

Perils of Pounds

The students of class IX completed the second project Perils of Pounds. The activity aimed at enabling students to analyze the causes leading to obesity and consequently preparing them to lead a healthy life. Under the project, the students of class IX were engaged in various activities like maintaining a record of the food items in their tiffin boxes for one week which led them to ascertain that they were consuming energy-dense, nutrient poor products. They also learnt to calculate the BMI and shared their findings with their peers in the form of Posters, Articles and PPT in which the information was also shared about health trends among teens in USA, UK and China. The project culminated with a skit on Adverse effects of Unhealthy Binging presented in the morning assembly. The Principal, Mrs. D. K. Dhingra, applauded the efforts put in by the staff and students in making this meaningful project a grand success.

Mystifying Myths

Our collaborative project - Mystifying Myths - has been successfully completed! The project began with a session in which the students, after viewing an introductory PPT, shared the common myths prevalent in their families. Thereafter, an internet based research by them proved to be an eye-opener as it led to the discovery of the scientific reasons behind many beliefs. The students also conducted a survey across different sections of the society to determine the percentage of believers & non-believers. The project witnessed a very interesting & innovative culmination in the morning assembly, in the form of a LIVE MOCK SHOW, in which the students, posing as journalists, questioned along with other students, the Principal of the school, about her belief in certain common myths prevalent in the society. They also shared their learning in the course of the project with other school students.

Taare Zameen Par

As a part of the ISA Activity Taare Zameen Par students of the middle Segment participated in a programme in the morning assembly on 18 January 2017. They acted as specially abled children to sensitize everyone about the challenges faced by these children. To generate awareness, different fun activities like racing, painting, dumb charades were held in the school. The activity helped in changing the perspective of students towards specially abled children. It concluded with a prayer of gratitude to the Almighty.

Travel to Cure-A Boost to Economy

The School has been approved for the accreditation of the prestigious British International School Award 2016-17. As all good things come to an end, ISA projects were concluded by the sixth project, Medical Tourism-Travel to Cure-A boost to Economy.

The main aim was to study the scope of Medical tourism in India, Thailand and USA for universal health issues.

Various activities were taken up by the students enthusiastically. Students of class XI were engaged in Debate competition, Slogan writing and Poster designing contest. A collage and chart making competition was also organized where students conveyed the message about importance of medical tourism through the new ideas and impressive and educative illustrations. The participants were adjudged and the winners were appreciated and motivated for their great efforts by School Vice Principal Mrs. H.K. Walia.

Students were divided into groups and along with their respective teachers visited Ministry of Tourism, Embassies and Hospitals to acquire data of the government support for improvement and also accumulate information about impact of medical tourism on economy of India, Thailand and USA.

Questionnaires were administered to patients, attendants, hospital staff to judge the emerging challenges in today,s scenario. A Power Point presentation was prepared by the young learners keeping in view the consequent economic growth of the country. Students staged a Skit to mark the culmination of this ISA project.

School Principal Mrs. Davinderjeet Kaur Dhingra and Headmistress Mrs. G. Virdi applauded and commended the great efforts of students. It was truly an innovative and interactive experience.

Dazzling Designs

Our collaborative project - Dazzling Designs - is complete!!!! The project started with an introductory session in which the students were shown a PPT. Differtent kinds of jewellery adorned around the world, different materials used for jewellery making,its cost etc were highlighted in the PPT. A jeweller was invited to the school, who familiarized the students with different tools used in designing jewellery and various stages involved in jewellery making. Thereafter, the students took part in a research based group activity and presented their findings in a file which were displayed on the culmination day. the culmination day of the project saw enthusiastic participation of parents in the "Designing Jewellery" held for them. The students presented a Fashion Show in which they adorned traditional attire & jewellery.Overall, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and educative journey for the students of Class V.

Sweet Treats

I.S.A. Project Sweet Treats taken up by the students of Class I and II was based on the study of different desserts eaten by the children of the different age groups in different countries across the world. An introductory P.P.T. session was conducted which caught the eye of the students and aroused the curiosity amongst them. An intensive research was done by the children and the parents which ended up into making a beautiful collection of collage work. Cooking activity was conducted under the guidance of the teachers. Group participation and team work was evident as all the children contributed in the making of the desserts. A stage performance done by the students, showcased the advantages and disadvantages of the consumption of desserts. As the saying goes, Knowledge is actively constructed , the students learnt a lot through their research in the course of the project.